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Artistic Projection is passionate about new media and committed to pioneering new uses for emerging technologies. The ability to fit animated graphics and video to ordinary surfaces makes for extraordinary viewing experiences. Excitement fills us every time we add new purpose to an existing structure. Not only is this the only way to achieve these effects but it is also very organic, instead of clunky screens taking up space.
These are just some of our favorite aspects of Artistic Projection. The most rewarding part about this is knowing how much of a positive impact our advertising systems will make on local economies!

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Projection at its core is quite elegant in its simplicity. A beam of light on an unaltered surface. We at Artistic Projection have unlocked a long-hidden potential in video projection. New techniques and technologies allow us to create video screens on almost any existing surface, this is called 3D projection mapping. Whether regular or irregular in shape, we can map it; so we thought to ourselves, “How can we best utilize these incredible technologies”? Then it dawned on us – we could use this tech to create innovative digital media, art and signage. So that’s what we did, and we do it better than anyone around.

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